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Advertisement is not a cost; it’s an investment for the future.

You must never overlook the value of advertisement as well as public relations. Advertisement is the propelling force of the sales which increases the rate of customers’ interaction with the organization and leads to greater sales or higher penetration rate.

Advertisement has never been considered a cost; and, no matter the circumstances, it can provide businesses with various solutions. An advertisement has different forms all of which can be summarized as different ways to utilize advertisement tools.

To us, the main goals of advertisement include making customers aware, influencing them and reminding them of your presence. And, IBS team can amazingly, authoritatively and competently design and compose advertisement campaigns for you to be great and forward-thinking.

Known as the eighth organizational art, public relations is an element by which to interact with your target demographic. Public relations is an organization’s ears, eyes and mouth, telling the customers that you are by their side – with a worldview independent from profitmaking – and will help them resolve the existing issues and challenges together.

We will be by your side on your way to designing a professional website and expanding it based on modern-day knowledge of online marketing and digital marketing.

We will help you

  1. Compose your advertisement campaign for the upcoming year.
  2. Design smart slogans.
  3. Identify and choose appropriate advertisement tools.
  4. Analyze advertisement agencies as potential contractors.
  5. Create your own effective public relations department.
  6. Have something to say on social media.
  7. Compose a proper website algorithm for yourself.
  8. Have a methodical experience with digital marketing and SEO.
  9. Offer online shopping and be better than the competition in the digital world.

In this path, you will gain

Advertisement campaign

With a proper advertisement budget, take control of the existing tools, timelines, advertisement effectiveness and its congruency with the objective of the advertisements,

Increasing the brand’s penetration rate

You will properly and effectively find your place in the public mind and your target demographic. Moreover, you will be more recognized among your competitors.


When trying to create graphic and advertisement content as well as choosing promotional gifts, we will be by your side; therefore, you will experience greater choices. You will have a professional website based on SEO standards and different successful techniques of digital marketing.

Public Relations Strategy

You will create your public relations so as to have the highest rate of interaction with your target demographic. We will move your VOC unit from Marketing Department to Public Relations Department so that they can impartially respond to your customers, visitors and attendants.

Coaching and Support

We will be by your side to spend the smallest amount of budget to achieve the greatest results by means of strong advertisements which include specific scenarios and efficient tools. Additionally, we will analyze every single one of the steps taken along the rest of your path.

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