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Do not Miss our Monthly Plans to Reach New Levels of Growth.

Following years of experience in consulting various businesses and coaching some of the most competent executives across the world, we have designed an extremely unique package for you to be able to utilize consultation services with optimally economic conditions. This way, you will have the opportunity to purchase the subscriptions of our monthly plans and use the following service at extraordinarily low costs.

  1. Receiving your occupational schedule which is designed in accordance with the nature of your activities as well as your needs, products and services.
  2. A two-hour-long timespan per month to benefit from direct consultations – either via Skype or Google Meet – in order to give you guidance regarding your monthly plan or answering possible questions and clarifying what might be ambiguous to you and your team.
  3. Receiving the international IBS SIGN certificate to represent the organizational standardization by a group of international consultants and advisors as well as proving your management and organizational competence to your business partners and clientele using IBS-9-BC-2023 standards.
  4. Receiving the new articles of IBS before their general publication for you to be able to utilize them properly.
  5. Receiving Canadian services with a 20-percent discount. (Click here for more information about our Canadian services.)
  6. Analyzing the condition and circumstances of your business during the initial two months by IBS Evaluation Assembly in addition to giving IBS Technical Analysis Certificate and constantly monitoring and evaluating this process.
To have one year of access to these unparalleled services, you will only pay $999 per month. So, take the first step before we are filled to capacity for this year or reserve your place for the next.
If you have credit card, debit card, Visa Card, and the like, you can purchase our services online. Otherwise, you can fill the form, send it and wait for our team to contact you.

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