For more than 10 years we have been helping companies achieve their financial and business goals. IBS is a value-based agency.

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IBS Operational, Executive and Founding Team

The founders and decision-makers of IBS, who themselves run very successful and well-known businesses, have used all their strength, experience and knowledge to make IBS customers proud and successful.

Ali Sheikhzadeh
CEO / Founder
Head of Brand and Advertising

Farshid Missaghi
Chairman of Board / Founder
Head of Marketing and Business Regulations (Canada)

Amirali Ahmadian
President and Founder
Head of Investments and Business Development

Roya Mahmoodzadeh
Head of Foreign Trade and Supply Chain

Samira Jahanpak
Head of Finance and Accounting

Peter Sartorio
Head of International Law & Legal Affairs

Lisa Hills
Head of Human Resources

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