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A good contract is credible and eligible to anyone and in all societies as a legally binding document.

Generally speaking, the format and the manner in which an international contract is written is based on the goals of both parties as well as their intended style of legal management by which to preserve values and control risks. Each party’s fiscal regime is also a factor in composing the contract. The majority of international contracts are made in written form. Moreover, the format of an international contract depends on its nature and subject matter. However, international contracts generally contain the main elements and components of a contract such as the details of involved parties, the subject, the financial procedures – such as the price of product/service, the duration, the manner in which the commitments mentioned in the contract are fulfilled, instances of breach or termination, the manner in which the potential disagreements are to be resolved, liability disclaimers, legal bodies governing the contract, and the date in which it has been signed.

We will help you

  1. Compose and write a contract based on international standards and regulations.
  2. We will analyze the existing advantages, interests and standpoints.
  3. We will scrutinize the other party with which you are going to enter into the contract.
  4. We will consider various legal aspects of the contract as well as its effects in your target, intended, and/or desired countries.

In this path, you will gain

A standard contract template

We will create the necessary template(s) for one or more standard contracts which are professionally created based on international legal regulations and in English, Persian/Farsi, and Turkish.

Peace of mind

Given the fact that the content and details of the contract are professionally written, you will always have great peace of mind, knowing that no harm will – or even can – be done to you by the other party.

Coaching and Support

We will be by your side for you and your coworkers to become capable in writing and composing international contracts. Additionally, we will be with you while your international contracts are being adjusted, singed, and exchanged.

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