For more than 10 years we have been helping companies achieve their financial and business goals. IBS is a value-based agency.

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Revolutionize your business, tackle the possible crises or overcome the challenges ahead, ending up more successful than ever by means of the best and the most cutting-edge management techniques. From industrial and manufacturing to those related to service industries, our experts at IBS are effectively capable of helping you create a systematic, structured and professional approach. Moreover, we combine scientific methods with experience-based knowledge to produce significant results. Don’t forget that, treatment happens when the one who is performing it wholeheartedly believes in their work. So, don’t hesitate; and, seize this opportunity…

We will manage your business with modern science. And, given our widespread interactions with Canadian universities, we will direct you along the path of active progress and dynamic development.

You can choose IBS as your organizational or personal consultant or utilize the monthly packages of IBS. At IBS, it is guaranteed that – for each one of your challenges – a solution in accordance with your country’s culture will be provided.

Due to its experience with, and in, countries such as Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, UAE, Canada, and the United States, IBS has gathered great knowledge regarding culture, geography, economy, and public, as well as business- and commerce-related laws, regulations and conditions. Therefore, there exists an extremely proper framework for being provided with great consultation in these countries.

At IBS, consultation services result from meetings and discussions with assemblies of various consultants and advisors each of whom has extensive studies and broad experiences in particular areas and fields.

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