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For a business, the main stream of profit is found through well-timed purchase and being supplied with a competitive pricing using proper logistics.

The fast growth resulting from globalization and international commerce has turned International Supply Chain Management into one of the most thriving business areas in the modern world. To compete in international markets, companies must constantly utilize the existing approaches for the globalization of different parts of supply and distribution chain.

The rapid development of channels for distribution, selling products, and offering services as well as the diversity of national and international suppliers – in addition to different methods of supply on the one hand and price fluctuation on the other hand – have turned the process of purchasing products and services into a complex phenomenon which necessitates cost management. Accordingly, during the process of supply and purchase, you must pay close attention to precise overlapping of factors such as the time at which you need certain ingredients, materials or services, purchasing schedule and controlling the accessible cash flow, the expenditure for purchasing and maintenance. Therefore, based on previously tested experiential and scientific methods and by performing supportive activities in order to provide the ingredients and essentials for all the different sections of the organization – which is per se done by means of planning the purchase requests and holding short-term and long-term commercial contracts as well as supporting the operations for product purchase, maintenance and storage – implementing the process of supply chain management and sales management can facilitate the current state of affairs in your establishment.

We will help you

  1. Create your own supply chain.
  2. Find the necessary transportation conditions for your organization.
  3. Do business on an international scale.
  4. Gain a great understanding as well as the legal and customs-related aspects of source and destination.

In this path, you will gain

The ideal conditions for being supplied by entities from across the globe

As effortlessly and as quickly as possible, you will be able to find your necessary goods and products all over the world.

Reduction in the costs of purchase and transportation

You will benefit from the professional negotiations carried out by IBS team; by doing so, through the process of price negotiation, you will end up with the lowest possible rates for purchasing goods and transporting them to desired destination.

Import and Export

In order to import and export any kind of legal goods, products and services, we will be by your side, helping you see the best possible markets in your future

Coaching and Support

We will be by your side during this entire path so that you will worry as little as possible as far as international business and commerce are concerned.

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