For more than 10 years we have been helping companies achieve their financial and business goals. IBS is a value-based agency.

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Successful businesses and efficient managers are determined to have a strong consulting team to develop their goals.

As one of the international players of prominent proficiency and comprehensive understanding of Middle East and Central Asia markets, IBS Group is centered in Canada and utilizes science and technical knowledge of competent academic and battle-scarred advisors and consultants in order to provide the nine following services based on needs and necessitates of executives, managers, business owners, etc. These nine groups of services are offered as three different packages, chronologically speaking.

Long-term Business Advisory/Consultation Services

This package mostly includes managerial advisory/consultation services in yearlong – or lengthier – timespans which is designed with the goal of providing extensive, methodical, feasible, and cohesive services. Throughout this journey that takes a year or more, we will work as an advisory/consultation team – functioning both in distant and up-close – so as to resolve your challenges and create smart solutions which play an essential role as far as the brand’s growth and deepening the loyalty to and development of your business is concerned. The majority of this package’s audience include large and medium businesses which need to receive constant, ceaseless and well-scaled services by which to facilitate the path of their growth.

Medium-term Business Advisory/Consultation Services

This package mostly includes managerial advisory/consultation services in six-month-long, three-month-long and/or seasonal timeframes, designed with the goal of providing functional, early-yielding and economically more client-friendly services. It is mostly suitable for medium to small businesses which have a smaller window of time as well as less financial resources. Moreover, they are consciously trying for their survival as a result of which stabilization factors are more important to them compared to developmental factors. In these packages, the team of IBS professionals proceeds with its advisory/consultation services with the same quality as the long-term services of IBS.

Short-term Business Advisory/Consultation Services

All businesses which need advisory/consultation services, wish to test their think-tanks’ ideas or are per se able to handle a larger amount of activities pertaining to their stabilization and development, these are establishments which can use these packages. Such packages offer advisory/consultation services in hourly, daily, and weekly forms based on a superior foundation and an extremely high efficiency, exchanging views and receiving advisory/consultation services. Contrary to long- and medium-term services, this particular option does not include responsibilities such as proceeding with certain supervisory efforts, demanding and scrutinizing reports regarding any deviation or actualization as far as work standards, norms, and goals are concerned.

If you have found the optimal time period according to the shape of your business, now proceed to determine the areas required for the entry of the consultant team through the information related to the 9 categories of consulting services.

Marketing and Sales

Become familiar with marketing techniques and strategies… Revolutionize your sales with structured and action-based behavior.


Business Strategy

Create the very foundation for your future success by means of having a strategic plan of action.

Strategies will tell you how to get to your  destination, which particular destination suits you the best, etc.

Leadership and Management

Learning the methodical and professional attitude towards management and leadership, you will be able to discover your potentials.

We will provide you with these instruction for you to become successful in this area.

International Contracts

It is a vital step for you to have a standard and professionally composed contract written in English in order to interact with your business partners and collaborators across the globe, especially in China. Our operational experience and our legal team can make sure you accomplish this goal without any worries.

Advertisement, Public Relations, Digital Marketing and Websites

The very survival of your business depends on whether or not it is seen, it is chosen by the customers, and it is interacting with its audience. With methodical advertisement and correct public relations in the current digital age of modernity, you can find or – with the help of IBS – make new paths for your business to prosper.

Brand and Identity

With correct lexicon, methodical innovativeness, adherence to the standards of brand identity, and having a genuine branding strategy, you can expect tremendous increase in added value and value added!


Innovation, Transformation and Start-ups

As far as coming up with new ideas is concerned, focusing on the principles of transformation in your particular field of work – as well as helping entrepreneurs and those interested in start-ups – constitutes our rich experience.

Human Resources and Organizational Behavior

Organizational structuring, employment, absorbing new human resources, productivity development, performance evaluation, and organizing your personnel, you can trust us – as the experts of these area – with such tasks.

Commercial and Supply Chain Management

We are here for you, helping you find the best suppliers and the best target markets.
We are by your side, from negotiation to concluding the contract.

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