For more than 10 years we have been helping companies achieve their financial and business goals. IBS is a value-based agency.

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Individual consultations are a quick, reliable and practical solution for developing the goals of people who work personally and non-organizationally.

All in all, with regards to helping entrepreneurs and small-scale family businesses as well as those interested in commerce and business in personal settings, IBS Group has traversed this path and has significant achievements which can lead to success and competence of such individuals, groups, and anyone who is thinking of establishing or expanding any business.

Personal advisory/consultation services will move forwards more in the form of coaching and mentoring and can indeed prove fruitful and effective for owners of a variety of businesses including the following.

  • Unionized Businesses
  • Individual-based Businesses
  • Small Home-based and Family Businesses

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For more information about the terms, conditions and details of cooperation, the most appropriate course of action is to fill the following online form and wait for one of our team members to contact you.

Much like business advisory/consultation services, personal advisory/consultation services are offered based on three chronological timelines, namely, long-term, medium-term, and short-term.

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