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At IBS, we have designed and developed a particular standard for reviewing, analyzing and scrutinizing our clients as well as the companies which are looking for standardization. It can assure the investors, business partners, boards of directors, shareholder and customers that an establishment with this particular standard has passed the necessary tests in regard to all practical and structural protocols and can be categorized into one of the three following stages by IBS consultants.

  1. Grade A
    1. Organizations which have been successful in all of IBS’ tests and assessments.
  2. Grade B
    1. Organizations which have been successful in more than 80% of IBS’ tests and assessments and are guided under IBS’ development-based, structured plans and programs.
  3. Grade C
    1. Organization which have ranked lower – relative to the two abovementioned grades – but are still being supervised, assessed, educated and structured by IBS team.

The advantage of IBS-9-BC-2023 Standard Certificate is that, by having it, organizations do not need to present their audience with documents or provide them with an opportunity to visit and monitor their establishment only to prove their competence and the effectiveness of their operational team.

IBS-9-BC-2023 Standard has been repeatedly evaluated and scrutinized by scientific processes of IBS science-based partners and is being used by a large number of companies and organizations as a legitimate and credible document.

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