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To be noted
- As soon as reserving a package, our colleagues will contact you and will explain the operational procedure for you.
- If you have chosen the option to pay with credit/debit card but haven’t been transferred to a bank, select the option according to which you express that you do not have a credit-debit card. It is possible for your intended package to be filled to capacity. Or, there might be a certain technical difficulty with the connection to the bank network.
- By choosing to pay with credit/debit card, you will allow IBS to transfer the package’s cost from your account to its own bank account.
- Reserving a packaging is not equal to definite purchase thereof. After all, for an applicant to be accepted, the capacity of IBS and the approval of Online Consultation Department are both necessary. - The quality of the services that are offered as a part of this package is not different from that of long term consultations as far as technical and advisory aspects are concerned. The main difference is that, for these kinds of packages, you will not have constant and continual access to services and consultants. Moreover, given the fact that IBS does not supervise the operational and executive processes of monthly plans, there will be no guarantee for the fulfilment of such objectives in that manner and matter.
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